I have a dream...
- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our Vision

picture of David AtwoodDave Atwood: The Beloved Community described by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a world in which all people can share in the wealth of the earth, where an all-inclusive spirit of sisterhood and brotherhood replaces all forms of discrimination, and where disputes are resolved by peaceful conflict resolution and reconciliation of adversaries. It is a world where agape love triumphs over fear and hatred and where peace with justice prevails over war and military conflict.

To complete our vision of the Beloved Community, we must give special attention to the welfare of all our children. It is unacceptable to allow any of our children to grow up in poverty, in abusive and neglectful environments, with inadequate health care and limited opportunities for high quality education and meaningful work.

It is also important to promote strong families and to foster deep respect and full equality for women in our society.

Finally, we must foster a deep appreciation and respect for all of creation - the animal life, the earth, and our air and water resources.

Come, let us build the Beloved Community.

--David Atwood, 2017

picture of PK McCary PK McCary: The Beloved Community symbolizes a world that can and does make a difference; where we take care of the earth, planting gardens and trees and making sure that our air, our earth and our streams, rivers and oceans are clean; where children are healthy and all have the opportunity to learn; where beauty is more than for the rich and famous, but a way of life, a place where we live, who we are.

The Beloved Community symbolizes peace time, a willingness to handle conflict with compassion and justice; a place of quiet refrain and joyous celebrations, a place to go to grieve the passing of a life, but also a time when one doesn't take a life either for revenge or as a method of retribution.

The Beloved Community symbolizes evolution - an evolution of the body, mind and spirit; finally understanding that human nature can be the nature of love, compassion, faith and hope. The Beloved Community symbolizes change, a new day, one that is inclusive and takes into account that the human spirit was born to be loved -- to be the beloved -- to be truly God's children.

picture of Shelley Shanks Shelley Shanks: The Beloved Community is one where everyone helps one another, where no one has to worry about their basic needs being met, their bellies being full, shoes that fit or a bed to sleep in. Schools and homes are safe, nurturing and inspirational places to be. In the Beloved Community, your integrity and character matter most, and doing the right thing is the only thing.

The Beloved Community is a community with neighborhood gardens, where everyone contributes in tending the gardens while socializing, building trust and friendship with one another and where all share knowing that no one will go hungry.

The Beloved Community is a community with inspiring parks with art, sculpture, safe play equipment for children, music and events for families to come together and enjoy, and where neighbors know each other and look after one another.

In the Beloved Community, everyone is able to know the joy and pride of seeing their children grow up to be amazing people, and to know that they had a hand in it, and faith in the fact that it will continue in the future.